Let Go, Pick Up & Move Forward

Ash Wednesday is about repenting and humbling self to the creator.  God created us from dust, and when our time here on earth is over, to dust we shall return.  Thanks to Jesus Christ, that is not the end for believers.  When we accept God’s grace and salvation through Christ, we rise up once out time here is over.  We go, as Christ did, to be with the Father in paradise.  Let us, therefore, take up our crosses and follow Christ to the Cross and into Glory.  

Matt 11:28-30 tells us that Christ's burden is light and invites us to lay our heavy burdens upon Him.  God can handle our sorrows, weariness and pain!
  • What do you need to let go, put down and surrender to God?  What do you need to pick up, hold on to and dedicate to God? 

Let Go, Put Down and Surrender!

Luke 9:23 tells us that discipleship REQUIRES we take up our crosses and follow Christ.  We cannot lay them down until we take them up, wrestle with them and let God help heal us from their wounds.
  • Lazy and weary! I get up late, lay around listening to books about the fictional lives of others, put off reading and creating for work, because I am weary, anxious and depressed.  Why doesn’t it all matter enough for me to do more; for me to be more? I repent for I have devalued myself and given you and your children less that I am able.  Lord, forgive me, purify me and restore my energy, hope, joy and conference.  I have not loved you as you have loved me.  I have not treated others as you would, and I have not loved my neighbor as I should love myself.  I repent. Let me lay this down and march on to victory. 
  • Anger and Wrath! I yell at my husband and son far more than necessary.  I am angry if they talk, when they don’t talk.  I want them to enjoy life, but get upset when they roughhouse, tell jokes I don’t understand and snap when they distract me, even if it is from listening to or reading a book I have reread and reread again.  I am angry and impatient.  I have no self-discipline or self-control at these times, and I repent. I lay this down and ask you to purify me, and give me a heart of joy, patience, engagement and love.  I love my family and may the words of my mouth and the deeds I perform let them know this every day.  Amen!
  • Procrastination! I am always afraid that what I do will not be enough, so I do nothing think that once I start a project, it will take too long, and I don’t want to take the time.  There are so many messages I tell myself and some message I have not consciously identified. Whatever my rationale, I procrastinate and do not get things done.  Please release me of this burden.  I lay my procrastination down and pray I will never pick it up again.  I need you so much on this one!  

Pick-Up, Hold On To and Dedicate to God!

King David had done wrong and asked God to create in him a clean heart, and this is my Lenten prayer as well.
  • Lord, my poor eyesight, inadequate transportation situation and a mission field with few willing laborers make my job challenging.  This is my cross to bear.  Help me take up these burdens, use them to your Glory, and make lemoniid out of lemons.  Lord, you put me here—this church, this ministry, this neighborhood, this time—for good reasons.  Please let me see your plan so that I can more gladly take up these crosses and inspire others to follow. 
  • Hold on! I need to cling closer to my Call and Your Word.  Lately though, I have been hardhearted and not being fed by the words I read in Scripture. Help me hold on to You. 
  • My work, my family and my life are dedicated to You.  Help me be worthy.  May my sacrifices of obedience, loyalty, contrite spirit and prayer be acceptable in Your sight; my rock and my redeemer


Holy Spirit, meet us in our Ash Wednesday worship tonight.  We are dust and ashes whom You have redeemed and made holy by the blood of the lamb and through the endowment of the Holy spirit.  God, I Adore, and I LOVE You! Thank you that Joy comes in the morning. AhMen!


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