Let Us Break Bread Together

Christian Communion is continuation of Jewish breaking of bread.

Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of all, who brings forth bread from the earth.”

Blessed and chill! Today was rather breezy. I took a long walk, worked on my Easter play, took the unexpected chance to help a child at church with his homework and get a little bonding time in, and I’m feeling pretty good. I hope you are blessed and enjoying growing closer to Christ during this Lenten season.

What is the quote above? Well, I mention that I am writing a play. It is the Easter play for our church’s Children and Youth Easter Production. There are countless ones already out there, but I love to write, I love to create, and I love bringing scripture a lie, so it was important to me to do it myself. It is a play called Emmanuel and it is an adaptation of Luke 24; the Emmaus Experience in those immediately surrounding it. I thought about putting the whole thing here, but who knows, I may publish it! I know, ambitious, right? But why not? I feel great today!

In short, two of Jesus’ followers–not of the 12, now 11, disciples–were walking on the road from Jerusalem. They were mourning Jesus’ death and probably wondering what to do next. and when a man walked up to them and asked what was going on, They had no idea that this was no mere man, more than an angel in disguise, it was Jesus, Emmanuel/God With Us! In fact, they are unaware of who he is until he breaks the bread and he promptly disappears.

The prayer above Was extracted from the same site the photo came from. In fact, I went to the site searching out the quote, because The verse simply says Jesus Broke the bread and gave thanks. This specific Jewish prayer may not have been his prayer, and he definitely didn’t speak it in English, but it is likely similar to one he might have prayed. If you go to the site, by the way, you will see it in Hebrew.

Luke 24:30 when Jesus breaks the bread

Message/Take Away

Be hospitable to strangers and everyone for that matter! Mostly though, what I take from this is we only have eyes to see God, the heart to hear and yearn for God when the Holy Spirit blesses us with that perception and wisdom. It is all by grace, and mercy. None of us can be proud or Self righteous. It is Jesus who invites me and invites you on this journey. We cannot follow Jesus to the cross in our own power, by our own good deeds or even our own zealous pursuit of scripture and knowledge. So, God be with us!

Let Us Pray

Jesus, take us with you to the cross and onto final victory. Amen.



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