Five Tech Blessings; Read & Listen; Play; Work( See

Greetings of peace and joy! Now, before I get to five of my favorite apps on the journey through LENT, and pretty much any other season, I have a question.

Huge question mark surrounded by countless othersCan anyone tell me why WordPress seems to have me in a time zone in a different country! I’m in California. Today is still Tuesday, but I think WordPress says it’s about 7 o’clock tomorrow morning. Anyway! It’s just been something bugging me and I can’t figure it out even though I turned on location services, so if you know, let me know.

Okay, now to the point of today’s blog post. Here are five apps, most of which I’ve used for years and all of which I like a lot! There are so many threats and risks associated with the strength and variety of technology we have these days, but technology is a blessing, and like all things, it is one people have chosen to abuse in many cases.

What are some apps you wouldn’t want to live without?

1. You can listen to the Bible dramatized or not, with print or not.

i have had this free app for years, and I still enjoy listening to the dramatized Bible on it even though through Audible I found a versiont narrated by famous actors and actresses. It’s part nostalgia I suppose. They also have an app for kids, which is cool!

2. Audible


This may be my most used app. Of course, you can listen to the Bible if you purchased one of the additions. They have all of the books! I listen to personal development, vocational/professional development, fiction and nonfiction, theology and devotional texts and so much more! Of course, I have my favorite narrator including Sandra Burr and Kristine Hvan. My son, husband and I have listened to the entire Harry Potter series a countless number of times. Come on, you have to! Even if not, I’m sure there something you have listened to or read it over and over again.

3. MagnifyingGlass


Part of being successful in a insanely sighted world is being able to locate and utilize the tools, which make vision possible. For me, it’s always been technology. I used to have handheld magnifier’s and then chargeable magnifiers and desktop magnifiers call the CCTV. Now, even if it requires that you carry around a portable charger to recharge your iPhone, they have the high-power magnifiers right in the App Store. How awesome is that! Of course, the flashlight attached comes in handy. There are no words to express how helpful it is to have a magnifier so small and portable and lightweight enough. It is helpful not to have one more device I have to carry around, especially since I’d probably be the stereotypical person who would lose their head if it wasn’t attached to their shoulders. This is the best one I have found since they discontinued the one I was using for years.

4. Scrabble


This is how I relax. Coming up with words is pretty simple when compared to all the other myriad of decisions we have to make every day. So, perhaps not I will find this earth shattering really exciting, but the wordists amongst us will probably get it! No pressure, play at your own rate or speed, or play with friends, which I don’t usually do.

5. PicPostPlay


Last year, I read a book (right???? Big suppressed eyes! LOL) called The Artist Way. In that book, the author encourages creativity. The premise is there is an artist in all of us no matter how technical or stuffy Our jobs might be or our lives might be, we have an artist child with interest. So, she encouraged us to find an outlet we loved. I have always loved Photography. I love music. I love collage is. So, with this app I could combine all three of those, which was really and is really great! So, I, of course, would recommend this app along with any and all of the others on this short list.

I’m Out TIL Tomorrow

As we enter the second half of the Lenten season, I pray that you have an outlet that helps keep the stress away, brings moments of peace and joy into your life, and draws you closer to God and the appreciation of God’s creation. Take care until next time!

God Bless you!


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