Easy To Do; Easy Not To Do

What is easy to do is also easy not to do quote by Jim RohnGreetings of peace and joy to you! It’s been a long day, yet a satisfying one. I was able to collaborate with a colleague from a different church, which I always love. I got to play around with Google forms which, believe it or not, I’ve never done before. I enjoy that kind of thing. And I’m sitting here with a headache and thought Maybe I can skip my blog for today. After all, I’m writing most days for Lent, but not every day. Still, it was on my heart to write and I didn’t have a good reason not to. As my title suggests, The quote is on my mind that those who are successful do what must be done, and realize that certain tasks are eato do but just as easy not to do. If it encourages you that I am right in the trenches with you, it’s worth it! If you’re feeling like life is one never ending series of upcoming events and emergencies and everything is critical, take a deep breath and know I am fighting these battles as well.

Jesus, teach us peace, balance and give that’s proper perspective so that we can run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint,… Or burn out. Amen.

Surprise, I Have Been Reading!

leadership 2.0The last couple days, I’ve been spending a lot of time on professional development. I think God for mentors who can bring that perspective and encouragement. So, remember the other day I told you I took the Emotional Quotient, EQ, test? Well, I also started the Leadership 2.0 Book as well. I took the test, because when I have my next coaching call, I want to be able to discuss it. I’m not really going to read that book right away, because I’m going to focus on Sustainable Youth Ministry. I took the test, because when I have my next coaching call, I want to be able to discuss it. It’s nice to know my leadership strengths and areas of challenge. You have to purchase the books to get special codes to take the appraisals/inventories/tests, there may be another way, but I don’t know it. The company sells the test a standalone, I think, but that’s expensive.

Sustainable Youth Ministry book coverIn addition, I started, or restarted, Sustainable Youth Ministry. I’m having some fun imagining presenting some of these ideas and plans to our church leader ship! I’m usually amused! basically, the book talks about long-term strategic planning and hiring staff who are steady, educated, dedicated, committed and have leadership capacity. The book recommend strongly against hiring what he calls the superstar youth minister who is young and enthusiastic, but perhaps less skilled Andy gifted. No one wants to hear that it’s going to take time, teamwork and money, but all of these are crucial to a sustainable youth ministry. As one who is interested in growing with and in my position and sustainable discipleship models, I appreciate this book and it’s perspective.

Let Us Pray

God, we love you. When life is hard and we need love and protection, we know you are here. Thank you for joining in with us as we stumble, Walk, run and fly. Thank you for giving your son with whom we journey. There is none like you. May everything we do and say glorify you forever in the mighty name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit we pray, amen.


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